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Updated: Jun 11, 2020


Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

Quick simple steps

Stop analyzing and seek expert advice:

A dermatologist can assess the skin issue over a video call and prescribe medication. So if you are worried about the skin problem you have to try online consultation instead of looking for answers on Google and this is how you will be avoiding misdiagnosis.

Clean out your products:

We all have tons and tons of products that have been there for ages! So it's a good time to go through them toss out anything that's past its expiry date.

Commit to a skin care routine:

It's the perfect time to build a proper skin care routine! Use the quarantine time to get comfortable with a new product or collection of products but start one new product at a time. It's also good time to start using a new ingredient that may require your skin to go through an adjustment period. Retinol, for example, may cause breakouts, flaking, and redness; also, known as the original uglies, for a few weeks. Get through this period in quarantine, and you will be reaping the ingredients amazing benefits once life gets back to normal.

Don't over moisturize:

It may not be a good idea to sit in a moisturizing face mask all day. The overuse of hydrating and moisturizing products can make your skin too oily, and cause breakouts.

Watch it with exfoliaters:

We already have dry, chapped hands from washing from all the time, so “Let's not do that to our faces”. Stick with your normal skin care routine if that works for you and save yourself from irritating your skin.

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