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Be Kind, it won't kill you

I have been realizing that people are becoming meaner than usual, they are always waiting for others to make mistakes to criticize, bully, judge them and try to make them feel bad about themselves.

I can't see or understand why any person choose to be mean and make others feel bad or try to affect their self image and esteem.

We used to punish young children when they bully their classmates or team mates, but now even adults are bullying others and think it is funny or even acceptable.

What triggered me is the unreasonable, unjustified attack on and an extremely pretty Egyptian actress who is loved and respected by many, successful in her career, getting ahead of many has been in a stance of bullying since she finished her series last Ramadan.

Her name is Yasmin Sabri, a bright STAR working super hard on herself, athlete and well educated. She has been under fire in every sense. Who she married? What watches is she wearing? How much her dresses cost? How bad of an actress, comparison to others.

She might have made a bad choice in one of her roles. This doesn't give anyone the right to slaughter her and attack her in an unbelievable butchery manner. When people fail, they learn from their wrong choices and they can correct their path and learn to choose better the next time.

During these hard times, why can't people be more kind, considerate and HUMAN? What is wrong with humanity? Is not enough the COVID-19 that has been depressing us?

I wish to see these negative people who only radiate negativity and evil to reflect and think of the damage they do to other people with their negativity and tasteless remarks.

I have never met that young actress, I just wish people who are full envyness to stop. To think if they were in her shoes, how would they feel?

Being KIND doesn't kill anyone. On the contrary, people who have empathy and feel for other people without judging them are the salt of this earth.

Be KIND and HUMAN, and leave people alone.

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